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New Video: How to make a Clamshell Box

The clamshell box, also known as a drop spine box, is a favorite among printmaking students. I am asked often how to make one and if I can help. We usually make one of these in the Art 446 Artists’ Book class. I don’t think a true novice will be able to make a portfolio by simply watching this video. However, my goal is for this to be a tutorial to help students when they are working outside of class. I hope this helps. I am still a novice at making videos. This link will take you directly to YouTube where you can watch it in full screen mode.

Cast or embossed handmade paper video

This is the first of two videos that showcase methods of using handmade paper to cast or form shapes. The video clips were recorded during Barbara Landes’s workshop which took place November 17, 2013 at the Paper Lab in the Art Department’s Art Lofts. Myszka Lewis’s work is featured again as she uses some crochet designs to press into damp sheets of cotton paper. Of course never forget to visit Handpapermaking Organization. The organization and publication have been in existence for more than 25 years. The bi-annual publication is the best resources for papermakers.

Letterpress: a video by James Paul Escalante

More than a year has passed since this video was filmed in room 6451. You may find it informative.

Samples from Book Arts classes

ImageLink2Flickr Please click on the image above to see samples of books made by fellow students. Currently the collection has a few photos. Trust me, I will add more in the next few days. Please return, it will change your life.

PhotoPolymer video is on

It has taken me some time to learn how to edit videos. Self taught mostly at my own pace. Hopefully I will make more videos on Photopolymer platemaking. Let me know if you have any questions


Type direction on spine of books

 (Jim Escalante)Ever notice that the title of some books are printed top down while a few are printed from the bottom up. A scholar may know the exact reason. I often find that spines printed from the bottom up were published outside of the United States. Not sure if other countries print titles in the same direction, but often the bottom up text was printed in Europe. I was looking for some typography books today and noticed the spine of Type Image Symbol a wonderful book by Adrian Frutiger

It is off the wall!

Faculty Associate and UW-Madison alumni Michael Velliquette’s exhibition at Edgewood College Art Gallery literally jumps off the wall. His cut paper assemblages are paired with text by Quan Barry. If you were unable to visit the exhibit when it was installed, take a moment to see photos of the Loose Strife exhibition at this link.

Loose Strife. An exhibition at The Stream, Edgewood College Gallery. Art work by Michael Velliquette. Text by Quan Barry. (Jim Escalante/Photograph by Jim Escalante)

Loose Strife. An exhibition at The Stream, Edgewood College Gallery. Art work by Michael Velliquette. Text by Quan Barry. (Jim Escalante Photography)

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