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New Video: Making Watermarks

Barbara Landes gave a daylong workshop demonstrating how to make watermarks. This link will play it on Students worked with Flexicut and hot glue guns to create drawing and images to use as watermarks. I will gather more photos soon and will link them to this post. Students made some great pieces. For more information on Barbara Landes‘s work, click on this link. More information about Myszka Lewis’s artwork, visit her page. Thanks to everyone that participated.

Letterpress: a video by James Paul Escalante

More than a year has passed since this video was filmed in room 6451. You may find it informative.

Photo Booth at Stacked

Trent Miller, Stacked organizer (Photograph by Jim Escalante)

Thursday, September 19 and Saturday September 21, I will be setting up a Photo Booth at the Stacked celebration and re-opening events for the Central Library Branch of the Madison Public Library. If you want to see photographs taken on either day, click on this link Photographs will be uploaded in a few days. The photos from the earlier Bookless art exhibit are still on line. Those can be seen by clicking on this link to see Bookless photographs. Photos will be uploaded very soon.

PhotoPolymer video is on

It has taken me some time to learn how to edit videos. Self taught mostly at my own pace. Hopefully I will make more videos on Photopolymer platemaking. Let me know if you have any questions


Yoga + letterpress + printmaking

Kaitlyn Skalet making foil stamp cards for her latest delivery of "Get Enligthened Beyotch" yoga gear. (Photograph by Jim Escalante)

Kaitlyn Skalet designed a line of tops for yoga enthusiasts. Using some of her drawings from her print classes and her experience working at a yoga studio, Kaitlyn created a brand and logo titled GetEnlightedBeyotch. Kaitlyn, seen here is using the hot foil stamp machine to put the finishing touches on the garment label.

Little Mifflin Gallery opens

Jeremy Wineberg (left), Rachel Bruya (center) and Leslie Nelson (right). Ribbon Cutting of Little Mifflin Gallery is this Saturday @ 10am @ 1921 E. Mifflin St. (Photograph by Jim Escalante)On Saturday, June 1, 2013, The Little Mifflin Gallery had a ceremonial ribbon cutting to open the first of three small public galleries in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information about them click on this link Jeremy Wineberg (left), Rachel Bruya (center) and Leslie Nelson (right). The Little Mifflin Gallery is located at 1921 E. Mifflin St. Madison, Wisconsin.

Letterpress printing with transparent ink

 (Jim Escalante)If you missed class today, you missed Alex Schwartz printing with transparent ink. A common request that I field, is “Can I emboss on the Vandercook press?” My best answer, is “It depends.” True embossing requires pressure from the top and bottom of the piece of paper. Printing on a Vandercook letterpress applies pressure only from the top. When the pieces fall together like they do on this test piece, the indentation appears to be embossed. The paper has a deep impression from a photopolymer plate. It created a deep impression and it feels great, but it is not real embossing. A few factors added to the success of this test. First we used cover stock paper. The cover stock is thick enough to have a deep impression in the paper. Second, the paper is smooth, which helps provide some contrast to the impressed area on the paper. If the paper had a texture, that busy visual texture would compete with the impression from the drawing. Third, we used an image that Sigrid Hubertz created for a current project. Her drawing has bold lines. Finally, the reason for all of this is that, Alex wanted to try printing with transparent ink on different papers. The transparent ink adds a touch of contrast to the illusion from the deep impression. Nothing better in the world than just printing for the sheer pleasure of testing to see how an ink or image prints on different kinds of paper! The paper used in this photo is from French Paper Company. We used Construction cover stock in fuse green.

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