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Short tips video posted on coptic binding

The key points for making the coptic binding easier, are in this video. You have seen the other videos which illustrate how to start and finish the binding. This one simply show four key tips that make the binding session go smoother. You watch a larger version of this video by clicking on the YouTube logo on the bottom right of the video window.

Round sheets of corn husks paper

My current project is making round sheets of paper from corn husks. When the sheets dry they look very much like tortillas de maize or corn tortillas. Soon more images of the project will be shared.

Project 1 – Single Sheet Books


Ideas for single sheet book structures

Ideas for single sheet book structures

Wonderful examples presented today for ideas when approaching a book using a single sheet of paper. Start with a simple idea, build a structure and then match it with content and imagery. The above photo is linked to a small gallery of photos on Flickr. Or click on this link. See you Tuesday.

Secret Belgian Binding

 (Jim Escalante)Due to recent interest in class in the Secret Belgian Binding, I posted some photos of a demo that Carey Watters gave many years ago. I will look for other resources so that you can master this binding. It is fun. Click on the image to see many step by step photos.


Soon you will be able to see use links to download course resources; such as handouts and other information on this page. This will be a new menu added on the top menu bar. I will up date this post once I have started adding information.

Art446 – Artists’ Books

Art 464 – Papermaking

Art 646

Speaker at UW-Madison faculty colloquium

Room L160 in the Elvehjem building at UW-Madison.

Room L160 in the Elvehjem building at UW-Madison.

Today at 4:30pm in room L160 of the Elvehjem building I will give a talk about my work and the courses that I teach. For more information. Everyone is welcome.

New Video: How to make a Clamshell Box

The clamshell box, also known as a drop spine box, is a favorite among printmaking students. I am asked often how to make one and if I can help. We usually make one of these in the Art 446 Artists’ Book class. I don’t think a true novice will be able to make a portfolio by simply watching this video. However, my goal is for this to be a tutorial to help students when they are working outside of class. I hope this helps. I am still a novice at making videos. This link will take you directly to YouTube where you can watch it in full screen mode.

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