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University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Rights to all images

To the best of my ability I have listed the names of the artist or artists that have created the work. Unless otherwise noted, Jim Escalante is the photographer that took the photographs. Many of the works on this site were created by students in the Department of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Some are by students in my classes in the Department of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Whenever possible I list the names of the artists. It is my goal that the work on this website inspires you or teaches you about Book Arts, Photography or Fine Art. None-the-less, I have included the images for educational purposes and I insist that you not copy, modify or re-use any of the photographs or images in any way possible, without permission from me.

The images on this site have metadata embedded in the file. If you need to find information about the artist, copyright or a brief description on the work, you may access the text by using your image editor. For example, if you open one of my files in Adobe Photoshop, you can go to the >File menu at the top of the menu bar, scroll down and click on >File Info. An informational box will open with several layers of information about the work and the copyright notice. If any photograph is missing this information, write to me with your questions and I will reply.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to use any image on this site for any purpose, without first writing to Jim Escalante at Jim_Escalante@mac.com and requesting permission to use an image.

I am eager to share my knowledge and expertise and have a strong interested in seeing this work reach a wide audience. However I do retain all rights to the photographs that appear anywhere on www.jimescalante.net.